Instructions to Obtain a New or Renewing IOGKF Membership: [PDFDownload these instructions ]

  1. Go to:
  2. At the login, click ‘Register’
  3. Enter the specified details and click ‘submit’

  1. You will receive a verification code via the email you provided.  Please enter that code when prompted and click ‘Validate Code’.

Note: If you do not receive a code, check your spam or junk email folder.  The email containing the code will be from ‘’

  1. Once re-directed to the site, you will be assigned a unique IOGKF ID.  Please keep this ID as you will need it to log in each time.
  2. With the IOGKF ID populated, enter the email address used to set up your account and click ‘login’

  1. Upon your first visit, enter your personal information to set up a profile:
    1. Select whether you are a first time registrant or renewing member
    2. Please note: An admin will add your rank information after you have updated your profile
    3. Please select your home dojo
    4. Once all data is entered, click ‘Update My Profile’

Paying your dues: 
After setting up your profile you can pay your dues.

  1. To pay your dues, make sure you are logged into your profile.
  2. Once in your profile, click ‘Please click here to renew’ (whether or not you are new or renewing).  You will be directed to the IOGKF PayPal account.
  3. Select the appropriate dues category
      1. Peewee:  4-7 years old
      2. Youth: 7-18 years old
      3. Adult: 18 and over
  4. Click ‘Buy Now’ and you will complete your payment on the IOGKF PayPal site.  Follow instructions accordingly.  Once complete, you will be directed back to the IOGKF site. 

Registering Multiple Members to One Email Address:
If you will be requesting accounts for multiple IOGKF members under one email address, please register the highest ranking individual in the group first.  After you have done this, request that your local admin (dojo head) make the account a ‘parent account’.  Once this is done, you may go back into the parent account to add children/sub accounts.

  1. Go to:
  2. Enter your IOGKF ID and email address.  Click ‘Login’
  3. If your admin has made your account the parent account, you will see the following.  To create a sub/child account click the ‘Create Sub/Child Account’ link:

  1. Enter the sub/child account holder’s personal information.
  2. Choose the appropriate radio button for new or existing member.
  3. Click ‘Create Sub Account’.  The new sub account will be assigned an IOGKF ID and you will be able to access the account using the ‘View/Manage Sub Accounts’ link from the parent account ONLY.  If you try to log into the sub/child account at the IOGKF login screen, you will receive an error message. 
  4. Paying dues for a Sub Account:
    1. Click ‘View/Manage Sub Accounts’
    2.  Denotes the account is up to date regarding payment
    3. Denotes that payment is due
      1. To pay dues for this account click the and you will be directed to PayPal, as above.

Other Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can I link existing accounts to my account as a sub/child account?
    1. No, existing accounts cannot be linked to a parent account at this time.  If you have questions regarding this, please contact Sensei Andy  or Sensei Lee for help.
  2. If I am an existing IOGKF member, do I need to register or log in?
    1. Yes, you will need to register at the first entrance to the site.  You will be assigned a new IOGKF number for the site.
  3. Who can I contact if I have any questions?
    1. Please start with your own dojo head.  If you require further assistance, please contact Sensei Andy  or Sensei Lee.
  4. To pay my dues do I need a PayPal account?
    1. Yes, you do in order to log in and associate your form of payment to your login credentials.   PayPal is secure and easy to set up and comes at no cost to you.  Follow the prompts on the PayPal website to set up an account.
  5. Can I log into a child/sub account from the IOGKF log in screen?
    1. Not at this time.  Please access the account from the parent account

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